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Increasing your reputation on social media websites is generally the first step that should be taken before advertising and can sometimes be a taunting task however our main aim is to provide our customers with more Global Photo, Post, Status and/or Website likes, comments and/or profile followers to make them look more reputable and as the saying goes nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!

63% of companies using social media say it has increased their marketing effectiveness. It’s time to make your marketing super effective!

  • 25,000 Targeted Visitors
  • Grow audience
  • Maximum exposure
  • No admin access needed
  • 100% Real Human Visitors
  • Real IP Address
  • Google AdSense Safe
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Full Page Advertisement
  • Niche Targeting Options

Harness the power of Facebook  to get found by more potential customers, develop meaningful relationships with industry leaders, and position yourself as an expert in your field.


So, you have an eCommerce store. You spent thousands building a website, fine-tuned your branding, created customer avatars and have manufacturing and distribution sorted and ready for when sales take off. But, that’s just it. Your company doesn’t have a consistent influx of sales.

That’s when you explored organic methods of garnering website traffic. You relentlessly posted on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You reached out to blogs and even played with SEO. Maybe you tried Google Ads or influencer marketing. But, you got tired of Google Ads’ increasing costs and the amount of time it takes to ensure influencers post what you agreed upon.

 guaranteeSo, you looked at other alternatives and heard about people’s success with Facebook Ads. Run Facebook Ads, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. You tried running Facebook Ads yourself, but the platform was confusing and you didn’t even get any positive ROAS from your efforts. Not to mention, it took tons of time to set-up.

A high CTR (Click-Through Rate) and a high engagement will lower your costs, increase your reach, and make your profits fly up to the sky!

But the real challenge is understanding the specifics of social media advertising, how to get started, what to spend and how each network operates. That’s a lot even for experienced marketers to manage, and can be a hurdle for those just learning how to best use paid social media.

  If you want to make it big in eCommerce, you need our Targeted Facebook Advertisisng Campaigns. You can’t just slap together a few ads and hope for the best.From strategy creation to campaign analysis, we will help you achieve your Facebook objective of choice, whether it be to increase awareness, gain consideration, increase engagement,  or earn conversions by driving traffic to your website immediately.
  • We work with data-tracking tools to gain insights that pinpoint where each campaign went right (or wrong), ultimately improving your strategy.
  • identify and assess your audience, determining how best to use Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities.
  • create and implement an effective Facebook marketing strategy catered specifically to your brand’s goals.
  • monitor your Facebook Page and campaigns, recognizing any opportunities or issues that pop up and responding in turn.
  • design and schedule regular updates and on-the-fly news items that will captivate your desired audience.


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