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SEO experts know well about social signals and their important role in Google ranking. Social signals are Facebook shares, Google plus followers, Twitter followers. These signals help to get direct traffic to your website. Is your website still not indexed by search engines? It’s time to get indexed. Yes, these signals have great power to get your website indexed and these signals are come from real social accounts.

Popularity is directly proportional to conversion rate. When your website has high popularity and your website conversion rates will increase. Are you having low volume of social traffic than your competitor? If so increase your social traffic today with us to get more sales.

  • 10,000 Targeted Visitors
  • Grow audience
  • Maximum exposure
  • No admin access needed
  • 100% Real Human Visitors
  • Real IP Address
  • Google AdSense Safe
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Full Page Advertisement
  • Niche Targeting Options


Affordable LinkedIn Advertising Service

Let our PPC experts optimize the effect of your adverts on Linkedin!

LinkedIn excels as a B2B networking tool, creating awareness for high-quality prospects who are most likely to become customers. With our help, you can harness LinkedIn’s full potential by targeting decision makers based on their specific industries, the size of their company, or their interest in specialized topics. We develop strategies that allow you to find and connect with these prospects in a more natural way.

guaranteeOur team closely monitors the ad campaign performance and makes adjustments throughout its run to achieve the results that support your overall goals. Following the conclusion of each campaign, we analyze results and insights and utilize them to optimize the campaign.

We understand the importance of using budgets efficiently, so you can expect clear communication from our end from start to finish. Rest assured that every step of the process we will always ensure we are using your resources proficiently and successfully to help achieve the objectives you desire most.

For those who think they can manage an effective advertising campaign, but aren’t sure where they should start, we provide LinkedIn advertising help that allows you to get your presence established. This provides everything that a marketing department or social media guru needs to get things moving. We can establish the framework of your advertising to fit the needs of your business, whether you are using a large marketing department or just a few people.

What do we do during the set up phase for your LinkedIn advertising account?

  • An examination of your business goals and the ways in which LinkedIn advertising can help you meet them
  • A look at your website, blog, and other online resources and how they might be integrated
  • A Full set up of your LinkedIn ad account
  • Identify strategtic job titles to target ads to
  • Examination of your current landing pages
  • Construct and craft your text ads
  • Get approval
  • Push campaign live
  • In-depth Competition Analysis – We undertake a comprehensive look at your LinkedIn advertising plans as well as that of your competition. We study your industry or line of business and figure out new ways of marketing your services so as to make them stand out and ahead of your competition.
  • Ads of All Types – We have mastered the art of smart copy writing and path breaking designs and know how to execute multiple types of ads at any given time. We also excel at A/B testing and conduct that on a timely basis to ensure that the most effective ads keep running for your Twitter marketing campaigns.
  • Ad Targeting – LinkedIn offers various ad targeting options however utilizing their full potential is a skill that very few possess. At KBI Marketing, we have skilled teams who can target ads with precision to custom audiences that convert to leads for your product or service.
  • Timely Reporting – We offer you updated reports with rich insights on your LinkedIn advertising campaigns. You can see for yourself how each campaign performs and meets your business goals with our reports and analysis.
  • B2B Sales – With LinkedIn it is possible to increase B2B sales. In fact, the best use of LinkedIn is in B2B due to the nature of its user base. LinkedIn ads can be used to target users in specific designations or positions in specific businesses.
  • Niche Marketing – LinkedIn marketing can be best described as niche marketing. It can be used to target overall and widespread markets but when used for niche marketing, it yields rich dividends. You can choose a particular line of business or industry and show your ads only to those users with LinkedIn. This is nearly impossible on any other social network.
  • Select Audiences – LinkedIn lets you be very selective about the audience you want to display your ads to. You can choose a C-level executive in a particular industry within a specific age group. With this kind of targeting, it is hard to miss out on relevant audiences thus increasing your chances of meeting your business goals.
LinkedIn is full of business professionals who are interested in advancing their business or career aspirations. Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn, your advertisements are likely to be taken more seriously than ads that are placed on other social media platforms. With all of the social media platforms and advertising options available, it is impossible to become an expert in each one. Our LinkedIn ad management service exists to provide businesses with adequate knowledge,  experience, and resources to develop an effective LinkedIn advertising campaign..

With KBI Marketing by your side, you can be sure of achieving exemplary results with your LinkedIn ads and marketing campaigns. We follow the highest standards when it comes to LinkedIn ad management and marketing. We start by setting up your page with a clear and concise bio and eye catching header and profile picture. Then we ensure your brand gets a large number of relevant followers who wish to engage with your brand. We come up with a customized marketing plan that meets your goal, may it be increasing more followers, running lead campaigns, increasing website visits, increasing app installs or re-installs or running video marketing campaigns. Get started with your LinkedIn Advertising campaigns.

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