Drive The Right Traffic for More Conversions & Revenue in 2019

Drive The Right Traffic for More Conversions & Revenue in 2019

How to Get Traffic That Converts

It’s one thing to get traffic to your site, and it’s quite another to get traffic that will convert. Without that singular, all-important action, traffic is completely worthless to you. It’s like having a retail store where a million people cycle through every day, but none of them make a purchase. All they’re doing is crowding your store, trampling your employees, and potentially stealing.

The goal here is to get traffic from sources that are as close to free as possible, or that are free entirely. However, the more important goal is to make sure all of that traffic has the potential to convert. If you’re just hauling in any old visitor, it’s not doing you any good. You aren’t earning money when you buy 10,000 hits from a bot on Fiverr.

The best source of traffic is a source where your ideal users hang out. If Nike wants to sell athletic shoes, they’re going to market them in gyms and fitness stores, on athletics forums, and through sponsoring marathons. They aren’t going to market them in the deli section of the supermarket, at a chocolate festival, or on the Weather Channel. It’s all about knowing your audience, knowing where they hang out, and reaching out to them there.

Your conversion rate is mainly determined by the quality of traffic. The right traffic with the right expectations makes all the difference. This post will tell you how to get traffic that converts.

Promoting a good product can be difficult under even the best of circumstances. It’s sad but true; no matter how great a product is, it won’t get the recognition it ultimately deserves if no one is aware of it. Utilizing things like social media can be a smart way to get the word out, but even in those circumstances one is limited to the size of their social circle.
When a business chooses to purchase traffic, the possibility of greater name recognition becomes very real. That’s because more and more people will be privy to your site and products, which equals increased name recognition. Improved name recognition gives even new companies an air of professionalism. This can be hugely important for marketing your goods or services known to a wider audience.

Purchased Traffic Draws the Right Type of Customers

Increasing visitors is just one aspect of realizing success as a business. While more visitors can equal more sales overall, if visitors aren’t interested or attracted to you product, sales will still be difficult to gain. That’s why buying traffic is such a smart business move. Instead of merely increasing the number of visitors to a site, purchased traffic increases the number of targeted visitors. These are people who will have a real interest in the items offered, meaning they will be far more likely to make a purchase.

More Traffic Means Better Rankings

A site’s page ranking can have a lot to do with its success. Page rankings are determined by the overall popularity of a site, and this can be affected by how many visitors a site gets. Improving page rankings on your own can be a quite difficult and drawn-out process. However, when purchasing traffic, page rankings can increase rapidly, which can greatly improve a business’s chance of success.
Think about what occurs when you are searching for information on the internet. Very few people continue past the first page of search results, to the peril of many web sites. While these sites may offer visitors pertinent information or great products, they are less likely to be viewed by as many people because of their poor page rank.

Purchasing web traffic can put a business on the fast track to success

While quality content is always important, a lack of the right kind of web traffic to one’s site can spell ruination for a business, especially one that is ultimately reliant on its web presence in order to distribute goods and services. With many companies electing to buy targeted traffic, it’s imperative keep in step with the group by taking advantage of this great service.

Before you say “AdWords sucks!”, realize that there are many things we don’t know. Where did the traffic land on – home page or landing page? Did the ad copy match the landing page copy? Which keywords triggered the ads? Relevancy is everything – and it’s relevancy that determines conversions, not the exact source.

The Relation Between Traffic and Conversions

Let’s get this out of the way: Traffic doesn’t equal conversions. You can get 1 million unique visitors to your site every day and never sell a single thing.

The worst thing about this fact is that you’re wasting your hard work. It takes effort to get lots of traffic to your site, so why would you squander all those visits?

Improving the user experience and gently guiding your prospects toward a conversion takes even more work, but it’s worth the results.

Let’s say you get 10,000 visitors to your website every day. That’s respectable.

Maybe another site has the same traffic numbers as you. There’s one difference, though.

You’re converting about 1.5 percent of your traffic. The other guy? He’s converting 5 percent of his traffic.

Let’s put that into numbers. If you’re measuring conversions on product sales — in other words, people are spending cold, hard cash on your products — the conversion rate really starts to take shape.

Both you and the other guy sell products for $25. Based on the conversion rates above, you’re making about $3,750 on every 10,000 visits. The other guy? He’s raking in $12,500.

See the difference? That’s why it matters when you’re getting clicks but no conversions.

You can have the best tractor website in the world and send me there, but I’m not going to buy one since I don’t need nor want one. You have to target people that actually need and want what you offer.

The best traffic source is…

… wherever your ideal customers hang out!

  • If you sell stainless steel lunch boxes, go where all the health-conscious and stylish moms hang out.
  • If you help small businesses figure out how to take advantage of LinkedIn, go where small businesses are.

You get the point. And it’s not just the source that determines the conversion, it’s also the message, the offer, the landing page and so on. All of it needs to be in play to ensure relevancy for the user.

Also: see which of your current traffic sources converts, and focus on that. (And don’t waste your time on sources that don’t).

How to Get More Conversions

Convincing people to convert requires two specific steps:

  1. Presenting an offer that your visitor wants
  2. Adding extra incentive to take the leap

On your sales pages, for instance, you display products your target audience might like. That’s great, but it’s just part of the offer. How can you sweeten the deal?

Offering a first-time customer a coupon might help. So could an offer to waive shipping costs, or a bonus download.

If you’re asking people to convert into leads, you need a lead magnet. It could be a downloadable asset, discount, coupon, or other incentive, but it needs to match the visitor’s timeframe.

For instance, if your visitor is brand new to your B2B site, you don’t want to overwhelm him or her with product information or even a promotional code. The visitor isn’t ready.

Instead, you need a warm-up offer, such as a checklist or calculator. Offer something of considerable value in exchange for your visitors’ contact information.

Traffic analysis with Google Analytics

The easiest way to see conversion numbers for each traffic source is by using custom reports.

With custom reports you can create, save, and edit to get a specific view of your data. You can choose the information you want to see, organized in the way you want to see it, by using a drag and drop. They are highly useful.

Thankfully you can plug custom reports right into your analytics profile by just clicking on them. Here are some useful ones:

Note: You might have to edit the settings of these reports a bit as your Goals might be configured differently (e.g. Goal 1 is for email signups and Goal 5 is sales). So check that before you blindly look at the data.

Organic keywords

Using the best converting keywords custom report we talked about before, find out which keywords are driving the most conversions.

What to do with this information:

  • If you know which keywords convert better, try to rank for other similar terms (long tail). It’s a good indication that people using this wording want what you offer.
  • Use those keywords in your sales copy. People are finding you based on those words, using them in your sales copy will increase the relevancy.


Getting traffic that converts is absolutely critical to your survival and growth. In the end conversions are about relevancy – does what you offer (advertise, write about etc) match what they’re interested in at the time when they want it? Sometimes it’s okay to throw some spaghetti onto the wall to see what sticks, but then you have to relentlessly cut and optimize. As with any source of traffic, you need to monitor what it does. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from if it doesn’t convert. If it converts, you need to know where it came from and how to get more of it. Regardless of source, you need to adjust your marketing to scale up the effective sources and either change or dial back on the ineffective sources.


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Boost Your Web Traffic And Get Better Sales

Boost Your Web Traffic And Get Better Sales

Do you find it quite hard to grow traffic for your site? Have you tried different SEO strategies, but none of them worked out in bringing traffic to your business? Are you fed up with your SEO techniques as your site fails to make money for you? If so is your concern, then here you will find helpful information on 5 remarkable methods to grow website traffic. So, let’s read on what are those 5 ways that will certainly do a magic on increasing traffic for your site.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is the main foundation of SEO system. So, if you desire to grow traffic for your site, then firstly ensure that the content on your site is perfectly optimized. Those sites having poor quality content often find fleeting traffic that does not last for a long time.

Now comes the question that how to optimize content for your site? If you are also wondering about the same, the following ways will guide you towards content optimization in a right way:

  • Learning statistics of your existing traffic
  • Keep a regular check on your website traffic
  • Internal linking is highly important
  • Focusing on writing quality content
  • Use more encouraging headlines for your blog
  • Add attractive photos
  • Run a content audit

Rightly Using Social Media Platforms

After preparing your site to serve more audience or traffic, next you should put effort to drive traffic from different platforms to it. This purpose will be done by making great strategies based on social media and here we are going to outline some steps to ease your way:

  • Rightly share content of your site
  • Use Reddit to post as well as promote your content
  • Make authority with Quora

Buy Website Traffic

WebTargetedTraffic from the legitimate service provider is one of the good sign to increase your website traffic. Typically, most of the service providers in the market are instantly delivered the traffic to your website but it shows as a negative sign for search engines. But a lot of authorized service providers will deliver the moderate web traffic to show the gradual improvement.

Take Help of Guest Posting & Content Outreach

If you think that social media is the most puzzling thing in SEO, then you are quite wrong this time. The real fuss is to make your content presented to the new audiences. This job can be done smartly if you follow these way outs mentioned below:

  • Make a good outreach strategy and grow your guest posts
  • Take help of republishing content and feature them on large or authority sites

Make a Platform for Recurring Traffic

Social media or search engines are definitely a good source for traffic; however over dependency on them can come up with negative impact. Sometimes, websites lose their rankings and whole traffic instantly.

As the search algorithms of social media keep on changing, it also can affect negatively. So, adopt a right system to get a strong hold on your traffic and make your command onto it. To do so, following information will help you:

  • Determine a continuous recurring online traffic by setting up email follow-up line-up.
  • Prepare a list of emails.
  • Make a list of push notifications.

So, these are 5 remarkable ways to increase website traffic and grow your revenue for the business.

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To sum up, by purchasing cheap web traffic you can improve your website’s ranking in different search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. It will also help you bring about changes in your website and make it more attractive for your users and visitors so that you can generate more business for your company. Buy traffic with us and enjoy all these benefits!