Best Ecommerce Traffic Sources For Your Business Store

Best Ecommerce Traffic Sources For Your Business Store

An ecommerce store doesn’t guarantee visitors without any efforts on your part. This is also where new startups fail to get much traction and upscale their business initially. Fortunately, the internet is just the place for those who don’t have the time or the money to get things rolling.

When it comes to driving traffic online, you’ve got to approach the appropriate online channels for the job like the ones mentioned in this article. But in order to make this work, you need to consider your marketing as a funnel with three ingredients:

  • Finding more qualified customers and then convince them to join your site.
  • Encourage your visitors to make the first purchase.
  • Then motivate your customers to buy more from you so they can refer you to their friends.

You must also ensure that you adopt an organic approach to driving traffic as it accounts for almost half of the total revenue of all the channels. So without dwelling in on the what, let’s focus on the how with the following best ecommerce traffic sources:

Email Marketing

One would think that emails would have thinned out by now, but in reality, it is just not as such. Truth be told, email is your go-to weapon for fostering the best relationships with clients. It is a relatively low-cost option with a high return on investment.

If you manage to nail this right, your sales can increase up to 3 or 5 times. Online shop owners send emails frequently and contrary to popular belief, it prompts customers into buying eventually. Be sure to work on your email list as soon as possible.

Emails require just a bit more investment, which comes in the form of personalization and automated emails that then translates to more traffic and conversions.

Create a Welcome email sequence for all the new or recent subscribers. You can send them emails regarding an ongoing promotion based on their behavior and preferences.

Emailing to several people could be quite tiring, which is why an automation tool such as ConvertKit would suffice. It is very easy to use and consists of rich personalization features.


With over 300 million active monthly users, it might soon come to a point where Instagram usurps Facebook as the face of social media. But that is to be expected when you have a platform that allows you to upload colorful pics with special filters and effects.

According to HootSuite, over 70% of the world’s brands are expected to be on Instagram. Instagram has proven to be THE place for brands by announcing a 50-man team in New York just to focus on the ecommerce features for the app.

Put simply, if there was ever a time for you to use social media for marketing, it would be now and with Instagram. By far the best way to grow your traffic and sales from Instagram is to grow your account and here’s how you can do just that:

  • Keep posting regular quality content with three images a day, daily stories and weekly content.
  • Start commenting and liking highly-engaged followers of your rivals.
  • Follow and unfollow the followers of your rivals.
  • Make use of influencer marketing to ride on the growth from other paid account promotion. An effective tool for this is


Online companies make a grave mistake of ignoring live events. Your physical presence is required so that you can create a lot of interest within the target audience. Customers that are acquired at in-person events are said to buy even more.

However live events can be costly as well as time-consuming, so you have to plan ahead about the types of live events that you attend. If your customers aren’t there, then don’t go. Be sure to engage your audience before, during and after the event. The strength of its success depends on the lead follow-up process.

Online events are a good alternative to live events, which works especially if you have a product that needs to be demonstrated. Customers can get a good glimpse of how your product can function in front of them through Facebook live streaming, Periscope, and more.

Another advantage to online events is your ability to lead customers to purchase page. You may not be able to get your sales right away, but at least you will have generated considerable interest.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click)

Google AdWords used to be a big deal in the pay-per-click business. Once you had figured your campaign out, you only needed to sit back and let the campaign roll on its own. But now, PPC campaigns are too expensive, namely for smaller companies that are just starting out.

The only upside to this method is that it can get a hold of your audience’s attention on the fly. The bad news is that people will likely have not heard of you and will bounce. So you must do something to gain their interest right away.

Even though a Google AdWords campaign could burn a hole in your wallet real quick, they are a tactic to help you learn about the effectiveness of your special offers, messaging, as well as holiday promotions. You can run basic A/B test campaigns to test different headlines, URLs, and landing pages.

Remarketing is also a great way to get in touch with customers. Be on the lookout for tools that allow you to deliver a more polished remarketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) holds the key to giving you a more organic approach to your marketing campaign. One of the most important tasks with SEO is backlinks. Every backlink you have in your domain gives you a score out of a 100 called a domain rank.

The domain rank lets you know where you are in Google’s search results for specific keywords and how much traffic you will get for your site. How you structure your URL could also have a significant impact on your SEO.

Shopify and other ecommerce platforms will not give you much control of your SEO. Generally, you must avoid using unwanted categories, put in some keywords and be wary of the length of your URL.

Google appreciates pages with detailed information. Make it your goal to update your pages on product pages regularly and include all the necessary details as well as keywords.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you have a mature brand and have over 600 transactions a month, then you will do right for yourself with conversion rate optimization. When you learn to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, you can learn why some people leave your site without buying anything.

By gathering insights from user experiences, research analytics, and qualitative data (such as surveys and interviews), you can make design changes to A/B test on your site.

Influencer Campaigns and Earned Media

Endorsements help create credibility in the eyes of your customers. People trust products instinctively that are recommended by other people, most specifically with a higher social status and are renowned.

Let’s be honest, you’re not about to get an entire endorsement article from any major publications from the start. You need to start with smaller publications and focus on your story. You continue to pitch by yourself or hire a PR firm to do it.

Understand that many publications will look to present new products in their gift guides. So try and look for opportunities to share your products with the editors of these publications. You may also want to send your product to them beforehand.

Utilize the power of unboxing videos on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. These are videos that consist of real people who are shown unboxing a certain product package one step at a time. These videos can create plenty of user excitement for your product, even more so if you get a celebrity to do it.

Guest blogging can help you win a link to your site. Look for a site with better page authority than your own. Guest blogging is also a sure way of being a long-term SEO feat.

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While these are only a few of the things that you can do, there are countless others out there as well. It is all about determining what is going to work the best for your personal business model and sticking with it. When all is said and done, you will have the traffic you like in no time at all.

When you buy website traffic, it shouldn’t be a replacement for SEO and other conventional methods of online marketing. It should rather be a tool to support the aforementioned methods in order to give an advantage you could certainly use in the highly competitive online marketplace.

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Look back at all of the various best ecommerce traffic sources that can get you some potential buyers for your products and services in the best way possible. If you think I have left out any other important sources, do let me know in the comment section below.

The Real Truth About Buying Website Traffic

The Real Truth About Buying Website Traffic

The success of your website is determined by web traffic. If your website is getting more traffic then you will get sales of products and high ranking in search engine result.

For many websites and business owners, getting enough traffic to their site can often be challenging. Maybe you’ve tried SEO and content marketing in the past with a blog or guest post, but you just aren’t getting the traffic you want. In times like these, many business and website owners often look to alternative methods to drive traffic.

One of the most popular ways to get visitors to a website is with paid traffic. This type of traffic as you may have guessed involves paying someone else to provide it. Whether its buying display ads or setting up a pay per click campaign, all this type of traffic falls under the same category.

One of the most popular ways to get visitors to a website is with paid traffic. This type of traffic as you may have guessed involves paying someone else to provide it. Whether its buying display ads or setting up a pay per click campaign, all this type of traffic falls under the same category.

In this post, we’re taking a look at paid traffic and asking the question: is it worth it?

With so many people buying traffic and so many others thinking of doing so, should you bite the bullet or spend your money elsewhere? Well, we’re here to find out!

If you’re still not sure what paid traffic actually is, then don’t worry, that’s the first thing we’ll be covering in this article. Let’s get a better understanding of paid traffic by exploring what it is.

What Is Paid Traffic?

The term paid traffic can be a confusing phrase and often means different things to different people. To some people, paid traffic is traffic from pay per click advertising only, while to others it includes things such as banner ads and other forms of paid advertising.

In this article, we’ll be referring to paid traffic as any website traffic that has been paid for to obtain it. Whether that’s a website banner, pay per click advert or YouTube advert. Since money is exchanged for the traffic, we’ll class it as paid traffic. By giving paid traffic this definition, it opens up a world of different types of traffic. Simply pretending all paid traffic is the same would be foolish. Since different types of paid traffic come from various forms of advertising, some traffic actually performs better. To investigate further, we’ll examine two of the most popular forms of paid advertising: paid ads and pay per click traffic.

Paid Ad Traffic 

The first most popular type of paid traffic is ad traffic. This means traffic that is generated from users clicking on banners, adverts, pop-ups, and videos. Unlike other forms of paid traffic, such as pay per click, advertisers who use ad traffic are usually charged per one thousand impressions. Also known as CPM or cost per mile, this type of advertising does not guarantee any clicks or traffic to your site but instead offers a much lower rate.

Depending on the site you are advertising on paid ad traffic can be bought for as low as $0.5 per a thousand impressions. If one person out of those one thousand impressions clicks your ad, then you paid $0.5 for that one visitor. Obviously, the click-through rate of the ad can greatly affect this number. Sometimes it will be much higher and sometimes it will be much lower.

For some businesses paid ad traffic can be much more profitable than other types of paid traffic, especially if they have a high converting advert. On the other hand, some businesses end up spending hundreds of paid ad traffic without any results. With no guarantee of visitors for their budget, lots of businesses prefer pay per click traffic instead.

Pay Per Click Traffic

Another highly popular type of paid traffic is most certainly pay per click traffic. Unlike the usual banner and ad traffic that runs on a CPM basis, pay per click traffic charges advertisers per click (hence the name!). This type of advertising allows advertisers to usually get a better return on their investment, assuming the price per click isn’t too competitive. Instead of paying $0.5 in the hope of getting a click, people who use PPC traffic only get charged when they receive a click. This makes managing budgets and working out if their campaign is going to be profitable or not much easier.

However, as good as pay per click traffic may sound, there are some disadvantages of it that we’ll cover later. But before we jump into the disadvantages, let’s take a look at the advantages of paid traffic in general.

The Advantages of Paid Traffic

When it comes to advertising, paid traffic has many benefits and can help almost any business improve their exposure and conversions. One of the many benefits of paid traffic is the fact that it’s practically instantaneous. You can set up a PPC or paid ad campaign in a matter of minutes and have it running instantly. This means you can start to receive traffic to your website on the same day. Unlike other forms of advertising out there, paid traffic offers much faster turnarounds and results.

Another benefit of paid traffic is that it allows you to target users that you never thought you’d be able to. With PPC networks offering huge 3rd party display networks your advert can be shown on literally millions on other websites. Not only does this massively increase your exposure, but it also attracts users other advertising methods would struggle to reach.

The Disadvantages of Paid Traffic

As you’ve probably seen by now, paid traffic can be a powerful tool for many businesses to help them drive traffic to their websites. However, before you go buying as much paid traffic as possible, it’s important we take a look at the disadvantages as well.

Now the first and most obvious disadvantage of paid traffic is that it costs money. This means that it’s entirely possible to lose hundreds or thousands if you don’t know what you’re doing. But there’s also another problem, you can still lose hundreds of thousands even if you DO know what you’re doing.

Over the past several years there has been a massive increase in ad fraud which is costing advertisers billions of dollars a year. No matter if you run paid ads or PPC campaigns, almost everyone is affected. Remember earlier when we said paid ad traffic is usually charged on a cost per thousand impressions? Well imagine if you got ten thousand views without a single click. You’d probably think maybe your advert sucks or people are not just interested. However, in reality, the truth is that 90% of those ten thousand views are most likely robots. Not only does this massively increase the cost for advertisers but it also puts them off spending any more money.

However, advertisers are starting to fight back. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence and improved security, many advertisers now run fraud detection tools along with their campaigns to reduce the money lost to fraud. Unfortunately, this kind of protection only really works on pay per click traffic. Stopping bots from viewing banners and ads is a lot harder when the network has the final say on the matter. Some don’t want to stop these fraudulent views as it would mean less money for them, others wouldn’t even know where to start even if they wanted to. With so many major problems why should you buy paid traffic when you can invest your money in search engine optimisation?

Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic

Now we’ve covered the main advantages and disadvantages of paid traffic, how does it hold up to other types of traffic?

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, then it’s important to understand that there are various ways to attract traffic to your website. One of the most popular ways to drive traffic to a website outside of paid ads is most certainly with search engine optimisation. Although it doesn’t directly cost anything to do, businesses invest thousands into improving their sites and increasing their rank on search engines.

This is done by writing content, guest posting, creating backlinks, improving technical SEO, and a whole lot more. Of course, in order to do this many businesses pay companies a hefty amount, but the return in traffic is often substantial.

Compared to paid traffic, the results from SEO are not instantaneous and can take a few months to kick in. But once the traffic starts rolling it, for most of the time it remains constant while growing at a steady pace. This means that in the long run organic traffic from search engine optimisation can often work out cheaper. However, with that being said, it’s not that easy to implement an SEO strategy.

Compared to say pay per click, almost anyone can create a pay per click campaign in a matter of hours. With so many tutorials and resources out there, creating your first ad is literally a breeze. On the other hand, SEO takes a whole lot of skill, patience and persistence. Leave one of those traits behind and your campaign is also destined to fail.

Should You Use Paid Traffic?

Now we’ve covered everything there is to know about paid traffic we can finally answer that vital question: is it worth it?

To put it simply, yes it is!

There are many advantages in buying website traffic. They are listed below

  1. Cost Effective: To get profit in online marketing, website traffic is important. You can buy website traffic at low cost to improve your site performance.
  2. Brand Exposure: The followers of your site are the right people to judge your brand and products. They can easily expose the experience of brand and products in online through their comments and likes.
  3. Alexa Ranking: To get high ranking in Alexa you should buy traffic to your website. It will increase the amount of visitors and also your site become popular.
  4. Brand Advertisement: Advertise your website with all standard protocols through blogs, links, squeeze page, email etc.
  5. Targeted traffic: Buying traffic will helps to increase the page view in your website. Buying traffic and visitors are all marketing technique to generate traffic to promote your business.

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