Uncover errors on your site with this Complete SEO Audit Checklist to improve search visibility and rankings.

An SEO audit is your roadmap for how you’ll eventually get there.

An SEO audit will reveal problems with any site’s SEO so you can address them and start ranking where you belong.

Do you know the most important areas of a website you should be assessing?

Is your SEO audit as thorough as it could be?

Well, we’re here to help you get the higher rankings, traffic, and conversions you desire.

SEO Audit Checklist

  • Prioritize SEO Issues
A complete view of all technical errors and SEO issues makes it easy to scale the effort and prioritize urgency.
  • Optimize Continuously
No limits on audits, issues or crawls means you can perform an audit for your site whenever you want.
  • On-Page & Off-Page Hreflang Audit
Analyzes the hreflang implementation on the page and audits for issues that can be found by crawling the hreflang URLs. Provides details on the issue and how to solve it.
  • Schema, Canonical & Pagination Audits

Details and displays a summary of the types of canonicals from self-referring and non-match. Pagination audit details status code, title, number of pages and canonical URL. Schema includes URL, Twitter, OpenGraph and more.

  • Duplicate Content Checker
Find and correct duplicate versions of a web page or similar on-page content.
  • Fuel a Link Building Strategy
Go beyond fixing links to understanding how new links will impact your SEO.
  • Find Broken Links Quickly
Traverse and analyze your own internal link graph. Re-align your link equity with internal link analysis to find – and fix – broken internal and external links easily.
  • Confirm Indexation
Maximize indexability with reporting that shows all pages blocked by no index tags, redirects, errors, canonical URLs or robots.txt.
  • Page Speed Insights
Track site page speed and page load time of web pages, landing pages and more – at scale.
  • Add Tags, Titles and Meta Descriptions
Make quick SEO upgrades with simple on-page SEO fixes.
  • Target Keywords
Ensure your page content and important meta-data includes your target keyword.
  • Customizable Reporting
Create reporting and dashboards showing status codes and data points most relevant to your goals.
  • Content Audit & Advanced Filter
Advanced filter for text include or exclude to find issues within your meta-data, find similar or lack of text on a page, no-index, base tag issues, number of hyperlinks, URL status, and so much more.
  • AMP URL & Redirect Chains

Lists and analyzes AMP URL detection. Displays and collects full redirect chains to identify and analyze redirected pages’ performance over time.

  • Customize Your Crawl
Crawl your entire global site or a single page and at the depth you need with ad hoc or scheduled crawls.
  • See Your JavaScript-Enabled Site Like Google Does
If your site is Angular JS or another JS Framework, render and crawl every page with our full JS crawl support for the most complete SEO report possible.

Tools needed for the SEO audit

Before we jump into the SEO audit process, there are a few tools that you’ll want to experiment to help make this entire process go as smoothly as possible. Are they required to overhaul your site from an SEO audit point-of-view? Not necessarily – but they will make the process far easier and more effective, which is why every one of them is worth a closer look.  Here are some of the best SEO audit tools:

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