At KBI Marketing & WebTargetedTraffic, we are always here to support your business… in good times and during more challenging times. We understand that the concern for public health and safety is the #1 priority for the foreseeable future. With that being said, we also recognize that businesses are still operating and relying on advertising to impact sales and maintain brand awareness. We are in constant communication with our Google and Facebook representatives and will be monitoring how any impending changes might affect campaign performance.

As always, our goal is to cater to our clients’ changing needs and help them achieve their desired business results. Please reach out to us with any questions.

KBI Marketing & WebTargetedTraffic are fully operational during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team is more dedicated than ever to helping businesses succeed online.

In addition to our award-winning digital marketing services, we are also going the extra mile to help all businesses with digital transformation and Covid-19 specific marketing strategy.

We have also created new Covid-19 specific digital marketing plans. These plans offer better strategy and more value than ever before.

Learn about our digital marketing and digital transformation services by contacting us here.

Practical Tips for Advertising and Marketing Initiatives During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting every part of our lives, from the places we can go to the way we spend our time, to the priorities we have and the way we spend our money.

This pandemic situation has experienced lots of financial distress in different industries. During and after COVID 19, consumers switching to online shopping. As a result, this has created tremendous opportunities for e-commerce retailers. For sure being digitized is always the new Game changer and especially for post-COVID 19 situations. The e-commerce industry is witnessing a major transformation in consumer behavior. Users are now habitual with this and there is no expectation that user will come back to malls or not, if they will, then the percentage will be less and priorities will change like touchless service or can be “COVID 19-free products” this can encourage people to come back to malls.

Retailers are under pressure to expand their online presence and how they will regain their business with their actual target audiences. The closure of shopping malls and different stores are a part of lockdown to stop the spreading of Coronavirus, which are now slowly reopening the business with government COVID-19 safety measures. The real challenge with the delivery part which connects an online retailer to an online shopper.

E- Retail market also needs a great shipment capacity with new transport partnerships to meet increased online orders as we said online is a vast platform, from another corner of the world anyone can ping you and place their order. In this pandemic situation safety of the product is the priority for the whole circle. As safety is at first, this is for employees also who are working for your online business as well. For e-commerce businesses, the challenges include maintaining delivery services and ensuring customer needs are fully met.

Pre-COVID, people were already engaging with digital media and marketing all day every day. COVID-19 has only amplified our need/desire to engage online with other people and brands. You probably didn’t need a blog to tell you that, but here are some cool stats to back it up:

  • According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 62% of U.S. consumers said they shop online now more than they did before the pandemic.
  • 69% of marketers surveyed in June 2020 said they would only attend virtual/online events this year unless a COVID-19 vaccine is available, a slight uptick compared to 66% who answered the same question in May 2020 while 53% of companies indicate that digital events will NOT replace live in-person events in the future.
  • More than 40% of consumers say they will shop online more frequently.
  • As a result of COVID-19, 25.1% of consumers have started shopping with a retailer they had never used before.

At the same time, many brands are engaging LESS with consumers.

  • 69% of brands expected to decrease ad spend in 2020, while 74% said they are spending less time engaging on social media.
  • Just 7% of UK marketers say their brands are taking a strategic approach to invest more in marketing during the coronavirus pandemic, with the vast majority forced to maintain or cut spending in the face of business disruption.

Bottom line

When traffic and sales are down, a large number of marketers forget their customers. What they have their focus on is – sales, sales, and sales. 

But, who gives you sales? Your customers, of course. During the Coronavirus lockdown, people aren’t actually buying much. 

If you forget them, you will lose them. And getting new customers after the lockdown is over is going to be an intricate affair. So, the best practice is to – never actually forget them. 

You can stay connected with them on social networks. Just for a friendly reminder: Social network is a marketing channel – but that does not mean you should always use it to market your brand. Rather, use it to empathize with your followers, listen to their stories and tell them yours, and respond to their comments and mentions. 

Many brands are using social networks to show how they are contributing to the wellness of the communities during the corona crisis. If you are also doing social work, social media is the right place to tell everyone about it. It will help reestablish you as a responsible brand – which without a doubt would be a one up for your marketing success.

If you own an e-commerce business, you’re well aware that the quality of your website plays a pivotal role in your success. But even if you’re not selling products, you’ll need a great website and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to ensure you’re reaching potential customers when they’re looking for brands like yours online.

Let’s Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Having a digital marketing strategy for your business has only grown in importance over the years as the online world grew. Now with the pandemic, the internet has become a lifeline for most businesses. If there ever was a time for your company to invest in digital marketing, it’s now.

At KBI Marketing, we take care of it all – web design, social media, SEO, online ads, and more! You name it, and our digital marketing specialists will take care of it for you. Talk to an expert and get a free proposal today!

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