The Money Is In The List: Buy Targeted Traffic That converts To Sales

The Money Is In The List: Buy Targeted Traffic That converts To Sales

How to Increase Website Traffic – Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Traffic is one of the most important things that you can buy for your website. Because it’s crucial for the success of your online business.

If your website has no traffic, it really doesn’t matter how amazing your site is. It’s pointless. It’s much easier to increase the number of your sales by buying quality traffic than working day and night to get some free traffic from search engines that even doesn’t guarantee success.

In fact your website is your biggest asset. So more traffic is always better. It’s doesn’t matter how and where you get it from.

You cannot just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed, you have to buy it and only we can ensure that you get the highest number of traffic at the cheapest price possible.

It’s not unusual in our line of work to see the exact same landing page convert at 11% one month, and 55% the next – without making any changes. How so?

Your conversion rate is mainly determined by the quality of traffic. The right traffic with the right expectations makes all the difference. This post will tell you how to get traffic that converts.

website trafficAt WebTargetedTraffic, we are operating one of the world’s largest traffic networks containing over 13,000 web properties that generate over 25 million unique visitors and 80 million impressions daily.

We then use our enormous resource to send you real, Adsense safe, targeted human traffic that are almost guaranteed to convert.

Our worldwide traffic network mostly generates traffic from USA and European countries. As a result, our traffic can significantly boost the number of your sales and lead generations.

With more than 7 years of experience we’ve worked hard to ensure that we can be the best place to buy website traffic that actually converts, and based on how many customers just like you keep coming back for more, we realize that we are doing a good job.

We never use bots or fake traffic sources like most other traffic suppliers. Our traffic generation method is 100% unique. Visitors to websites in our network are simply redirected to your website. Yes! They are 100% human and are not bots.

We also use a system to fully hide the traffic sources as direct or anonymous to make it seem like the visitors already know about your site. It makes sure that your website doesn’t get penalized for sudden spike in traffic in case you are using advertising like Adsense.

It makes our traffic completely safe to be used on any website. So if you are one of millions of website owners who struggle to get traffic to their sites, let us help you get the traffic you need.

Not all traffic is created equal

Some traffic sources convert better than others. Some send you tons of traffic which doesn’t convert at all (I’m looking at you, StumbleUpon!).

Just because you can take a look at your Google Analytics stats to see how much traffic you get and what it’s converting at, doesn’t mean you’re seeing the full picture.

To illustrate that point better, let’s take a look at a real life example.

The best traffic source is…

… wherever your ideal customers hang out!

  • If you sell stainless steel lunch boxes, go where all the health-conscious and stylish moms hang out.
  • If you help small businesses figure out how to take advantage of LinkedIn, go where small businesses are.

You get the point. And it’s not just the source that determines the conversion, it’s also the message, the offer, the landing page and so on. All of it needs to be in play to ensure relevancy for the user.

Also: see which of your current traffic sources converts, and focus on that. (And don’t waste your time on sources that don’t).

Traffic analysis with Google Analytics

The easiest way to see conversion numbers for each traffic source is by using custom reports.

With custom reports you can create, save, and edit to get a specific view of your data. You can choose the information you want to see, organized in the way you want to see it, by using a drag and drop. They are highly useful.

Thankfully you can plug custom reports right into your analytics profile by just clicking on them. Here are some useful ones:

Note: You might have to edit the settings of these reports a bit as your Goals might be configured differently (e.g. Goal 1 is for email signups and Goal 5 is sales). So check that before you blindly look at the data.

Some more resources:

Analyzing the data

You want to pay attention to 3 metrics: total conversions per source, total revenue per source (if measurable) and conversion rate per source. If you have ecommerce tracking switched on, you should also pay attention to “revenue per visit”.

What you want is to keep doing more of what’s working (more guest posts on blog that send quality traffic, more ads on site that send traffic that converts etc) and stop putting in the effort in traffic sources that don’t convert – either low total conversions or very low conversion rate. Very low conversion rate can be tolerable if the absolute numbers are high.

How to boost conversions from common traffic sources

Conversions don’t just happen. Here’s how to help them along.

Forums & online communities

Although forums might not be the first place to think in terms of getting traffic that converts, you might be surprised. The beauty of them is that they have communities of like minded people discussing over common interests. If your service/product fits those interests you may just have found your pot of gold.

Many of our customers say that a positive thread about their business in a forum results in lots of traffic and sales.

The best way to go about forum marketing is by becoming a part of the community – by being there and helping others without asking anything in return. Yes, it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time, but you’ll reap the benefits.


Blogging is quite obvious – if you still aren’t doing it I strongly, strongly advise you to start now.

Once you get blog traffic, you need to get it to convert as well. 2 key strategies here:

  • add value like there’s no tomorrow, so they’ll start to trust and like you,
  • add visible calls to actions to learn more about your products or services when they’re ready.

Guest blogging

The idea behind guest blogging is that you find someone who as a large following already and use that to drive traffic to your site trough excellent writing.

Writing is time-consuming and hence you should be very sure that it pays off.

So again – it’s all about relevancy.

Google Adwords

Want to get traffic that converts from paid media (e.g. Adwords and others)? Make sure that

  • pre-click and post-click message are the same (ad copy matches landing page copy),
  • you make specific offers that take users to specific landing pages (no PPC traffic to the home page),
  • the search keyword bring up relevant ads to that keyword (each ad is tailored to the keyword),

.. and so on.

If you just put 1 ad up on AdWords, use it for 20 different keywords and send all of the traffic to your home page – frankly, you’re an idiot and might as well use the money as wallpaper.

We built a landing page for our client, and the conversion rate seemed unexpectedly low. What’s going on? Turned out that our client was posting ads on Facebook that drove traffic to the site. BUT – the ad copy had nothing to do with the landing page copy, so there was an immediate disconnect. The ad was featuring a testimonial on the landing page “See how person X achieved Y”, and people clicking on the ad were expecting a case study of some sorts when in fact it was just one testimonial out of 4 on the page, and a low-priority item.

As soon as the client changed the ad to match the landing page copy, conversions shot up.

If you do a lot of advertising, you need to use dynamic landing pages where the landing page copy changes based on the ad copy. Of course, ultimately the offer needs to be interesting and at a price the user can afford and so on. It’s not just this or that, it’s all about relevancy.

Organic keywords

Using the best converting keywords custom report we talked about before, find out which keywords are driving the most conversions.

What to do with this information:

  • If you know which keywords convert better, try to rank for other similar terms (long tail). It’s a good indication that people using this wording want what you offer.
  • Use those keywords in your sales copy. People are finding you based on those words, using them in your sales copy will increase the relevancy.

guaranteed visitors

Advertising is still the fastest way to increase visitors to your website. We have been providing our clients with access to millions of visitors daily for almost 10 years. Visit our order page to find out how you can buy social, desktop and mobile visits today!

While these are only a few of the things that you can do, there are countless others out there as well. It is all about determining what is going to work the best for your personal business model and sticking with it. When all is said and done, you will have the traffic you like in no time at all.

When you buy website traffic, it shouldn’t be a replacement for SEO and other conventional methods of online marketing. It should rather be a tool to support the aforementioned methods in order to give an advantage you could certainly use in the highly competitive online marketplace.

Because we are website traffic experts, we can provide you with quality web traffic. We carefully select a mix of various traffic sources so that we can ensure that you receive just the traffic you need. And most importantly, we can guarantee that we get you 100% human, high quality and targeted website traffic.

Establish your web presence today with the most affordable marketing packages available on the Internet. In 24 hours or less we can have a steady flow of genuine prospects landing directly on your web site….Guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for? Choose your traffic package today and let us boost your business by sending thousands of real, unique visitors to your website.

buy trafficConclusion

Getting traffic that converts is absolutely critical to your survival and growth. In the end conversions are about relevancy – does what you offer (advertise, write about etc) match what they’re interested in at the time when they want it? Sometimes it’s okay to throw some spaghetti onto the wall to see what sticks, but then you have to relentlessly cut and optimize.

Figure out what works and keep doing it.

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

Keywords and search phrases are the fuel for getting the right customer to your website. The Internet relies on information. That information is structured and sorted based on topics or key word phrases that best describe the information. When you adopt key words and search phrases in your content and search marketing, you are better able to position your site competitively. This is the benefit of spending time developing your target keywords and search phrases

#1 Search phrases help you attain new customers and clients.

When your site shows  on the first page of search results, you will get visitors to you website.  Each site visitor is a potential customer client.  Therefore, search phrases are directly related to your bottom line.

#2  Keywords allow you to target for faster results.

There’s a good deal of competition. But when you narrow your focus and target particular keywords and search phrases, you can concentrate on appealing to a smaller target audience.  This makes you the big fish in a small pond. This often results in faster ranking results than competing for highly competitive key words.

#3 Keywords and search phrases allow you to learn about your prospects and audience.

Keyword research will help you learn exactly what your audience is seeking. Entering your keywords or keyword phrase into a keyword research tool will mostl likely generate other relevant keyword phrases. By spending time reviewing the complete list of keywords, you can start to learn exactly what your prospects are trying to find.

#4 Keywords phrases help you arrange content in an effective and meaningful manner.

When you prioritize search phrases or keywords, you can use them to organize your site navigation tier by tier. You can use them for pages, posts, categories, tags, and more.

#5 Keyword Research will help you focus on producing content your market values.

Keywords offer content and topic ideas. Simple keyword research will create potentially hundreds of articles ideas.

But not only should you understand how SEO has changed, you should also recognize the danger in continuing to implement outdated SEO tactics that no longer work the way they did a few years ago. These techniques are really just a waste of your time and your money.

Here are 3 major ways the SEO game has changed:

1. Authority over SEO

PageRank isn’t dead—but it went from being the top determinant for your ranking to one of over 200 metrics used by Hummingbird to determine your ranking. Now there are tons of metrics that, taken together, help Google determine your page authority. They weigh inbound links, outbound links, social media shares, content quality, site design, ease of use, etc.

All of these metrics are really just measuring your worthiness as a thought leader. If you’re up to snuff, so to speak. And SEO matters insofar as other authorities will have search engine optimized pages. If you don’t, you’re already behind in the race.

2. Keyword Placement over Frequency

So it’s important to know that SEO does still matter—to a degree. For example, it’s still very important that your longtail keyword shows up in your page title, URL, subheaders, image descriptions, meta descriptions, etc. In other words, keyword placement is still important.

But frequency is not. You definitely don’t need to repeat a keyword at least 7 times in the body copy anymore. This is a ploy that no longer works. And as any writer will tell you, it often makes the writing worse and less enjoyable to read.

3. Semantic Search over Long and Short-Tail Keywords

We’ve heard the terms “long tail” and “short tail” keyword since 2004, when Chris Anderson coined them in a Wired article. And we all know that long tail keywords—keyword phrases longer than three words—are better than short tail keywords because they target more specific search queries and help target your niche better.

Except, how true is that really after Hummingbird? Today, Google uses something called semantic search to tease out the meaning behind your words.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Let’s say that you have a great website site for your organic, fair trade cafe in Williamsburg. Let’s also presume that you never use the words “affordable coffee” in your content (because you don’t want people to feel like your offerings are cheap). Except your coffee is affordable—in fact, given your expenses, you could charge a lot more. And you do list your prices, so you hope customers can figure it out on their own.

Assuming you have decent monthly views, if a potential visitor were to type “organic, cheap coffee in Williamsburg”, your site would likely pop up in the top search results. Google would be able to determine on its own that your cafe also fits the “cheap” qualifier, and that potential visitor would probably be browsing your site in a few seconds flat.

What SEO Will Look Like in the Future

It’s safe to say that keywords won’t disappear anytime soon. But make no mistake—things aren’t looking great for traditional SEO marketers.

In all likelihood SEO marketing as we know it will eventually disappear. In fact, given Google’s dislike of any sort of search engine gaming, it’s entirely possible that one day semantic search will be so powerful that you can be SEO ignorant and keyword insensitive and still rank high for your target search queries based entirely on other measures of page authority.

Finding keyword search phrases is a matter of research. Utilize keyword research tools. Install and review analytics. Pay attention to trends. Participate on social networking sites and other blogs and websites. The more you integrate keywords into your overall business strategies, the more success you’ll achieve.

Your goal in ranking on search engines is to drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine result pages (SERPs), and the keywords you choose to target (meaning, among other things, the ones you choose to include in your content) will determine what kind of traffic you get.

guaranteed visitorsOur guaranteed traffic advertising packages offer a distinctive advantage over traditional banner campaigns. Most banner advertising runs at least $10 per 1000 banner impressions, with a average click thru rate of 1%. This means you would receive about 10 visitors per 1000 displays of your banner, which averages $1 per visitor to your site using this marketing approach. This is 100 times the cost of acquiring a visitor to your site utilizing our guaranteed visitor services. For every $10 you spend with us, you will receive at least 2,500 visitors to your site. On larger campaigns, we will deliver as much as 10,000 visitors for every $10 you allocate to marketing. You can get started with us for as little as $2.75 per 1,000 guaranteed visitors. So what are you waiting for?

We are one of the largest and most established web advertising companies in existence. We have been proudly serving clients since 1995 and continue to provide high quality advertising services for thousands of clients each year. Rest assured that we can and will deliver the highest quality traffic to your web site.

Establish your web presence today with the most affordable marketing packages available on the Internet. In 24 hours or less we can have a steady flow of genuine prospects landing directly on your web site….Guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for? Choose your traffic package today and let us boost your business by sending thousands of real, unique visitors to your website.

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